About Me

I am Sumedha Gupta. I am a Mechanical Engineer. I have completed my degree from SRM Institute of Science & Technology with a 7.83 CGPA.

I would have loved to work as a Full-time research Intern in the field of Programming, Manufacturing, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

You may hire me as a team member due to the following aspects that I pepper my roles with:

  • I interned at Reliance power plant. The Industrial Training at the Reliance Thermal Power Plant was really successful. I received insight into the whole plant right from the raw material (coal) procurement, processing, combustion, and generation & transmission of electricity. The whole process was explained in detail by the representative with a detailed description of each piece of equipment with their specifications. A doubt-solving session with the Control Room In-charge cleared all our queries. This kind of industrial exposure helped us to absorb the theoretical aspects of Thermal & Fluid Power Engineering more efficiently. We would highly appreciate more such visits in the future.
  • Designed and developed a Self Defence Device. Also, filed a patent on 10 May 2021 at Indian Patent Office. Which has been granted and the given patent number is 395219.
  • Participations and Comptetions
    • Participated at Enduro Student India (ESI) Pune 2019. Enduro Student India is an off-road student design competition bred from the need to train engineering students on the practical aspect of building something with their own hands and also train them in the science of team management.
    • Participated at Mega ATV Championship an off-terrain ATV / Dune Buggy / Mini BAJA racing competition based on Real-life challenges.
    • Participated in Baja SAE India 2019. A competition with real-world engineering design projects and their related challenges. Engineering students are tasked to design and build an off-road vehicle that will survive the severe punishment of rough terrain.
  • I have earned 10+ MOOC certificates in the field of Programming, Designing, and Machine Learning (from various online platforms).
  • My ongoing Project Work on GitHub – sumedha-gupta
  • I have an ongoing project and a research paper (Under Review) on Object Detection by Raspberry Pi 3 with Obstacle Avoiding Rover.

Project completed –

  1. Object Detection by Raspberry PI 3 on Rover : See Here
  2. Team DRC Off-Road Vehicle : See Here
  3. Loan Approval Program by Machine Learning using Python : See Here
  4. Line Follower Robot with Arduino Uno : See Here

My special training and skills include improving the automated processes, the company now uses to increase production and creating new automated processes to enhance operations where needed. I have the exceptional writing and verbal skills needed to outline potential projects.

My training includes running tests and risk analysis to search for potential problems that new processes may have and create a solution for any issues. It also includes monitoring and assisting with the implementation of all newly approved projects.

I am team-oriented but not afraid to take the initiative and my personal skills include having excellent communication skills in addition to strong organizational, analytical, and problem-solving skills. My plans include continuing my education and earning my master’s degree to increase my knowledge in this field and to advance my career.

Thank you very much for the attention you can give to me and I hope to have the opportunity to apply my knowledge and experience in real-world industrial tasks. For my part, I will put all of me, my dedication, and my best.

You can reach me for an interview at mechanical.sumedha@gmail.com.


Sumedha Gupta

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